Epistolary genre. Prince Rasul Yagudin (Paris, France). Only one grenade

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Epistolary genre. Prince Rasul Yagudin (Paris, France). Only one grenade Empty Epistolary genre. Prince Rasul Yagudin (Paris, France). Only one grenade

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:57 pm

]Yesterday, on June 19 of this year, slightly earlier, than at 7 o'clock  morning I was attacked directly in my room on the address: ...

The attackers were about 6-7 (maybe Cool policemen and policewomen, who burst into the room and without any explanations and visible reasons started shouting "ausweis!!!" They were very agressive and tensed and scared, with white and evil faces, undoubtedly considering me as a very dangerous man.
How did they know, that I am a lieutenant of the Soviet Army?
Who gave them this information?
Epistolary genre. Prince Rasul Yagudin (Paris, France). Only one grenade Img_0711
All of this can mean only the one – Russian police and Russian secret service found me. And they had given to the German police my exact address, demanded from them to arrest me and warned them, that somewhen I was a well-trained warrior, though now it doesn´t matter, because it was long time ago and I already forgot from which holes of Kalashnikov and Makarov bullets fly out.
OK – police had checked my ausweis and left me alone. A happy end? No!!!
Because now the Russian authorities know my addres and they´ll try to catch me by themselves.
The territory of Russian embassy in Berlin is a formal territory of Russia. The inner part of any car of the embassy is a formal territory of Russia too. If they´ll pull me inside their car and afterwards into a Russian aircraft, it will be the end of all.
Nobody´ll start a war against Russia owing me.

Based on the above I ask you:
either to apply to me special measures of protection
or to send me to my friend in Canada, who is very inviting me to himself (I´ll attach one of his many letters)
or supply me with the next things:
1. Kalashnikov АК74 with amunition (for field battles)
2. Kalashnikov АКС-74У with amunition (for urban battles)
3. Beretta 92FS Centurion with amunition
4. Smith & Wesson 66-4.357 MAG with amunition
5. F1 hand grenade

I need only one grenade. For only one explosion. For an endfull end. If the worst will happen, and Putin´s bastards will take me in a ring, I´ll explode them together with myself.
I hope, the God will not leave me without His last grace and give me forces and courage to die as a real lieutenant, as a real commander, as a real soldier.
As a real prince.

Prince Rasul Yagudin, PhD


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