Epistolary genre. Prince Rasul Yagudin (Berlin, Germany). Not a first point

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Epistolary genre. Prince Rasul Yagudin (Berlin, Germany). Not a first point Empty Epistolary genre. Prince Rasul Yagudin (Berlin, Germany). Not a first point

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Epistolary genre. Prince Rasul Yagudin (Berlin, Germany). Not a first point Img_0610

I had a termin on the Amrumer str. Station of U (Fridrich-Krause-Ufer 24, 13353 Berlin, right?) on yesterday in order to prolong my German passport. Yesterday when I had came it was told to me, that they dont´t have a number for me.
Today they told me the same.
Both yesterday and today they told me, that I must come at 5 o´clock morning, if I want to receive a number.
Listen, kids – firstly, to prolong the German passport is an absolutely not my problem. It´s your problem, "clever" girls. To decrease a quantity of illegals in Germany and ESPECIALLY to not increase quantity of illegals in Germany is your first, last, main and single official obligation.
I must not beg you to prolong my document. You must beg me to allow you to prolong the document.
And what results do we have now? Thanks to your efforts I am an illegal in Germany already more than 12 hours – my congratulations, "clever" girls.
Secondly. I see the logic in that, that you force people to fight in long line for prolonging passports – You need slaves and soldiers, and the fighting in the line is... something like Darwin´s natural selection – who has more meat, he wins German passport.
But I don´t intend to fight in the endless lines for my lawful presence in Germany.
For 30 years I didn´t touch a Kalashnikov, I´m not a killer anymore, and I do not want to return into this shit again.
I very changed during these 30 years. Now I am a doctor of philology, I am a teacher of Russian language and literature, I am a poet, I am a writer, I am a journalist, I am a musician and I am an actor.
Maybe, my main problem in this? Germany doesn´t need poets? Germany needs only slaves and soldiers?
Ha, the interesting moment – for the all history of the worldwide literature no one German poet received the Nobel Prize. And, at all, where are German poets? Whom do we know except Heine and Goethe?
I am a doctor of Philology. I am a specialist of the worldwide literature. I know all writers and poets in the history of the humanity, I adore Thomas Mann and Erich Maria Remarque (especially "Buddenbrooks", "Der schwarze Obelisk" und "Arc de Triomphe"). But... where are German poets? No one winned fights in the line for German passports, yes?

And the last – during these last 7 years among antisocial element I received many... indecent proposals. And to fuck a 50-years-old gay for a shelter and food, and to fuck a 25-years-old gay for 50 euro per an hour, and to rob a mini-market, and to rob a super-market, and to rob a bank´s car with the five thousand euro, and to hack six billion euro from a Swiss bank, and to become a professional killer...
And if once the question will stand straightly and sharply: either to fight in lines for German documents or to become a professional killer, I´ll choose... not the first point.

This is my article "Six billion euro", published in the newspaper "The Russian observer of the Northern Cyprus" (I can´t find my PDF of the issue of the newspaper (it was sent to me by the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, but...), that´s why I send the link on the republication of the article in our journal, enjoy, "clever" girls:
(Youl´ll need a Russian translater)

Prince Rasul Yagudin, PhD
The member of the Union of journalists of Bashkortostan (Ufa), of the Union of the journalists of Russia (Moscow), of the International federation of journalists (Brussels), of the Association of Russian writers of the Union of writers of Bashkortostan (Ufa), of the Union of Russian writers (Moscow), of the International federation of Russian-Language writers (Budapest), of the Authors and publicists international association (London), of the International Guild of Writers (Berlin), the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Worldwide Writers Corporation (New York), the Editor in chief of the magazine “Modern literature of the world”, the editor in chief of the regional release of “Objective newspaper” (Kiev) “ON -Bashkortostan”.


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