Publicism. Prince Rasul Yagudin, PhD (Limassol, Republic of Cyprus). No God, but God

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Publicism. Prince Rasul Yagudin, PhD (Limassol, Republic of Cyprus). No God, but God Empty Publicism. Prince Rasul Yagudin, PhD (Limassol, Republic of Cyprus). No God, but God

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Prince Rasul Yagudin
Dr. of Philology

God’s will is being performed by various ways.
King Arthur

The fascinating story. I just forgot my cap. This
time the God’s will was performed by this strange
way. The will - that I must write this article.
Walking twelve kilometers early morning, when
the sun was just rising, wasn’t a problem, but to walk
twelve kilometers back in the midday... I didn’t want
to catch a sun-strike.
So - I had covered the head with the white shirt and
tied the sleeves at the nape - had made something
like a hook of an Arabic burnous and became like an
Arabic Muslim.
And started walking along the Mediterranean.
The reaction of other pedestrians was indescribable.
Somebody was spitting, somebody was crossing
himself with the Orthodox cross, somebody
menacingly was glaring at me, but Serbs, standing
together with small boy on the beach opposite
«Amathus» hotel (as I understood they worked
there as gardeners), started to moo, to meow, to
shout something in non-existent language and to hit
something against something... maybe their stupid
heads against each others’ stupid heads... including
the small boy.
And when I was walking beside Serbian restaurant
«Blue Berry cafe», three fat Serbian girls and women
(all Serbian women are fat, aren’t them?) had left
their tables, ran on the pavement and with lunatic
evil faces blocked the way in front of me.
It’s very easy to understand, that all of these...
«people» had thought, that I’m a Muslim and
I’m not a Muslim, I’m a Christian, but it doesn’t
matter. And I’m not an Arabian, I’m a Cypriot, but
it doesn’t matter too.
What does matter, that it’s not any fuckin Serb’s or
no Serb’s business, who I am: either I am a Muslim,
or a Christian, or a Buddhist, or a Krishna cult
follower, or a Jehovah’s witness, or an Last-day
evangelist, or a Seventh-day Adventists... It is my
fuckin private, individual business, my private life,
guaranteed by the Constitution of Cyprus, for which
my island was struggling during thousands years,
by The European Convention of Human Rights,
for which Europe was struggling during thousands
years, and by The Universal Declaration of Human
Rights, for which the humanity was struggling during
thousands years.
And now, using my human rights, I changed my
mind - I decided to accept Islam. I decided to become
a Muslim. Just in spite of Serbs.
But how did you think? It is an ABC of journalism
- any too stubborn and aggressive propaganda
always gives an opposite effect. As a propaganda of
the USSR did.
Ooooo, no, I changed my mind again, using my
human rights - now I have much better idea: I’ll
accept the Satan. I’ll become a Satanist. Just in
spite of religious fanatics, who for all history of the
humanity did nothing good. Only bad, including
wars, which carried away millions of lives. Where
is here mostly dirty, ugly and horrific Satanic sect on
Cyprus, who can advise?
P.S. Several years ago, when I was in the
absolutely desperate situation, I received a very
kind, warm-hearted and encouraging letter from
Vlasta Nussdorfer, the Human rights ombudsman
of Slovenia. It is so sadly, that a few Serbian idiots
spoiled all my good memories about people of
Balkans... though... Vlasta Nussdorfer is not a Serb
- so everything is OK, God bless You, dear Mrs.
Vlasta, thanks.
It’s a time to sign. I write all my regalia, and I do
it not in order to boast of my achievements in life.
I do it, because I am sure, that all members of the
organizations, a member of which I am too, all my
colleagues, all my comrades and all my friends
would sign every word of this article.

Best regards
Prince Rasul Yagudin
Dr. of Philology
Teacher of Russian language and Literature,
full member of the Union of Russian Nobility,
Formal Representative of the Union of Russian
Nobility in Bashkortostan, member of the Union
of Journalists of Bashkortostan (Ufa), of the Union
of the Journalists of Russia (Moscow), of the
International Federation of Journalists (Brussels),
of the Association of Russian Writers of the Union
of Writers of Bashkortostan (Ufa), of the Union of
Russian Writers (Moscow), of the International
Federation of Russian-Language Writers (Budapest),
of the Authors’ and Publicists’ International
Association (London), of the International Guild
of Writers (Berlin), Chairman of the Board of
Directors of the Worldwide Writers Corporation
(New York), Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “The
Modern Literature of the World”, editor-in-chief of
the regional release of “The Objective Newspaper”
(Kiev) ON-Bashkortostan

No God, but God.


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