Politics. Brent Brown (Mosinee, Wisconsin, USA). A letter to the President

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Politics. Brent Brown (Mosinee, Wisconsin, USA). A letter to the President

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:43 pm

In June, I wrote this in a letter to the President:
«I did not vote for you. Either time. I have voted
Republican for the entirety of my life. I proudly
wore pins and planted banners displaying my
Republican loyalty. I was very vocal in my
opposition to you -- particularly the ACA. Before
I briefly explain my story allow me to first say
this: I am so very sorry. I was so very wrong.
«You saved my life. My President, you saved
my life, and I am eternally grateful.
«I have a ‘pre-existing condition’ and so could
never purchase health insurance. Only after the
ACA came into being could I be covered. Put
simply to not take up too much of your time if you
are in fact taking the time to read this: I would
not be alive without access to care I received
due to your law. Thank you for serving me even
when I didn’t vote for you. Thank you for being
my President.»
The Affordable Care Act saved my life. I can
now say, after several surgeries, that I’m in
recovery from what was a serious autoimmune
disease. Kicked it to the curb.
That is why I am so excited to welcome President
Obama to Milwaukee. Today, he’ll congratulate
the people of Milwaukee on helping deliver the
same health care that saved my life to so many
in their community. Tune in to watch his speech
at 2:50 p.m. Eastern.
Before the Affordable Care Act, I was unable
to pay for an incredibly expensive drug that
helps to stabilize my condition. So, because
I was too poor to pay thousands of dollars for
medicine every few weeks, my hospital trips were
emergency ones, to keep me from dying. There
was absolutely no hope -- and I was quickly
running out of money.
Like many fellow patients, I was stuck between
paying what I couldn’t afford and going without
the health care I needed.
Then the President signed this bill. I was
against it at first -- very against it. But with
the Affordable Care Act, I was finally able to
receive the quality of care that had eluded me
for years. I was able to consult the top surgeon
in my state for the particular surgery I needed. I
was able to receive the stabilizing drug that was
always hidden behind a doctor’s apology: «I’m
sorry, Mr. Brown, we have to take your financial
considerations into account.» I was able to stay
at one of the best equipped hospitals in my state
for as long as I needed, without having to worry
about checking myself out early because of cost
concerns. I had hope.
I saw things change after the Affordable
Care Act. People who were denied treatment
because of exorbitant cost, well, they started to
get that treatment. The millions of people who
were locked out of health insurance due to preexisting
conditions were finally able to seek
medical counsel. Those who were denied access
to medications could now take them.
America started to take care of her own.
In just a little bit, President Obama will take
the stage to help celebrate Milwaukee’s victory
in the Healthy Communities Challenge and talk
about the progress we’ve made on health care as
a nation.
We deserve to live in a country where everyone
has the same access to quality care that I did.
Watch the President’s speech to hear how he’s
making that happen.
I’m proud to welcome him to Wisconsin.

Thank you, Brent.


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