And in this is our single hope!

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And in this is our single hope!

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:28 pm

Psychiatry is an absolutely criminal phenomenon. And it's just strikingly how such crime can be tolerated by society and act legitimately! But psychiatry is not only permissible, it is incredibly influential! It is accepted to consider that some people order psychiatry. Yes, it is convenient for some bastards to crack down those, whom they dislike, through psychiatry. However, those who use services of psychiatry do not notice how they themselves become dependent on psychiatrists. Psychiatry uses the entrusted to it absolutely illegal power. And for this reason itself falls out from the influence of the law. Psychiatrists receive the possibility to destroy unwanted persons, disregarding the law. Power corrupts a man. And, as Lord Acton said, absolute power corrupts absolutely! That's why only most cruel, despotic, with mocking inclinations persons operate in the psychiatric system. And they are practically not controlled and because of this extremely influential. And here is the one example of their influence: I placed this petition at in February 2015. After two years, contrary to my pleas, they closed it. But during the time of the action of the petition in many times more persons, than the figures show, signed it. Signatures of tens of thousands of people were not taken into account. Moreover, already after the closure of the petition, they four times reduced the number of the signatures! The question: who needs this? Do admins and moderators of the facebook need it? (In the main Facebook users signed the petition). Do administrators of the need it? Why? On the contrary, they need to attract more visitors. But not to push them away. For what to them to act contrary to their own interests? Then for whom it's desirably to block the signatures of the petition? It is clear - it is necessary only to psychiatrists. To nobody more. They are the only ones, who are interested in this. But what relation do they have to the facebook or the Formally - no relation. However, in reality they can force those and others to adjust to interests of psychiatrists, even against their own interests. I do not find any other explanation of the blocking the petition. Here is another petition which they were blocking from the very beginning: . It was really signed also by far more people than the figure indicates. And probably else many petitions are blocked this way! They generally block all of our possible protests! And only one thing follows from this - we must exercise unity, solidarity. And protest by as many participants as possible. If electronic petitions are being blocked, it means that it's necessary to use other possibilities. I offer to every not indifferent person to send letters-appellations to the parliament of the country of residence. And in these appeals to require to legislatively exclude psychiatric coercion from measures acceptable in the human community. I suggest also always to take a part in protest actions like this one. I suggest, I encourage everyone in whom the soul and the conscience are alive always to participate in such actions. If every human will participate, many people will participate. And in this is our single hope!


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